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Hawaii's only Locally owned and Operated Skydiving Business

Hawaii's only Locally owned and Operated Skydiving Business

Established in and family owned since 1984, we are proud to be Hawaii’s longest running skydiving operation. We are honored and privileged to operate out of the historic Kawaihapai Airfield (HDH) along the breathtaking North Shore of Oahu, sharing a unique and memorable way to experience the beauty of the North Shore with a bird’s eye view. Mahalo to all of our wonderful tandem students and fans for your continued support. Skydive Hawaii wouldn’t be where it is today without the love and support of the international skydiving community as well as the local community here on the North Shore. Our goal is to continue to provide our passengers with an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

Hawaii's most exciting adventure

Hawaii's most exciting adventure

We feature licensed, professional USPA Instructors. Our friendly staff, many of whom are independent contractors, is best known for years of teaching and will make your first skydiving experience memorable and fun. We are ready for your arrival between 7:00am to 3:00pm. Walk-ins without reservations can be accommodated and are welcomed on most days. Walk-in reservations are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

Committed  to Safety

Committed to Safety

We are proud to boast the best skydiving safety record in Hawaii. Tandem skydiving is unquestionably the safest way to experience skydiving for the first time. After a safety briefing and pre-flight instruction, you can experience exhilarating free-fall with your instructor and enjoy the breathtaking views from under canopy as you gently descend to earth together.

Why people choose Skydive Hawaii.

Focused Entirely on Tandem Skydiving

Home of some of the most experienced Tandem Instructors in the world


USPA Licensed Instructors

Our friendly staff are best known for their many years of teaching experience and will make your first skydiving experience safe, memorable and fun. Our skydiving instructors are highly skilled and will guide you through the thrill of free fall at 120 MPH, then share incomparable views of the island from under canopy as you gently make your way back to earth.


Worlds Most Beautiful Dropzone

Flying above the clouds and falling through the Hawaiian skies at 120mph is an adventure you will always remember and treasure. Enjoy our 14,000’ guaranteed tandem exits.


Fastest and most fuel efficient Jump planes

Both of our Cessna Caravans continue to make us the fastest skydiving operation in Hawaii - we get to jumping altitude quickly, meaning more enjoyment for you. The wide door gives you an easier jump exit and the relaxing bench seats position you for great scenic views of the North Shore on your ride up to 14,000 feet.




Online-Reservation Special 14,000 feet *

Limited offer! *  Price is only valid if online deposit is made.
Limited slots available. Price valid until 2pm
Call for shuttle service options.


Tandem Skydive (Standard Price) 14,000 feet jump

Walk in slots are limited and on first come first serve basis.


Highest Tandem in Hawaii 20,000 ft (HALO) ***

Limited offer! ***



Groups of 3 or more People

For bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, military re-enlisting, and more

call for special

Military or Student Special

Must have a valid military/student ID.
Cannot be combined with other discounts/specials.

$20 off Standard 14k Jump

!!! Notice . You must be 18 years or older to participate in skydiving .

!!! We have a weight limit of 250lb max. Any weight of 200lbs or over will be charged $2 per lb over 200.

There is a fuel surcharge of $20 for all tandem jumps. *** Reservations can be made from 7:00AM to noon. You will be required to use supplemental oxygen during part of the flight to reach this altitude. Advance notice of 96 hours (4 days) and $300 per person deposit required. Price includes photos and HD video. Plan to arrive at 7:30AM, shuttle service available.

Birthday t-shirts are free to customers with reservations after 8:00AM.

*** WARNING: Temperature at 20,000’ can be -25 degrees. Layered clothing is recommended, as freefall will add a windchill at 120mph. Men must be clean-shaven so that oxygen masks will fit snugly. It could be very cold for up to 20 minutes. Please email onlinesupport@skydivehawaii.com with subject: Highest tandem skydive.

For last minute reservations or larger groups please call (808) 945-0222

Photo and Video Pricing

No Worries you don’t have to decide on photo or video JUST yet ! Just let us know what option you would like when you check in



Standard Edited Video


Standard Photos


Online Photo Special *


Video/Photo Combo **


Hand Cam Photos


Hand Cam Photo and Video


Special Edit Requests and/or Thumb-Drive

$15 additional

* This price is discounted $25 from the standard price of $175 with online reservations with a valid $50 deposit.Just let the cashier know you'd like photos when you turn in your completed check-in sheet before you sign the liability release. Photos will be ready for you shortly after your jump and will be sent to you via email unless you request your files delivered in a different manner.

** Just let the cashier know you'd like the Video/Photo combo when you turn in your check-in sheet before you sign our liability release.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have . We are just a small family business but strive to give you our best customer care with our responses. For general Tandem reservation please email us at and we will do our best to get back to you in a timeley matter.