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Our Aircraft

Posted on 7/2/2014 by Skydive Hawaii

Skydive Hawaii features the biggest & most advanced skydiving aircraft fleet in Hawaii. The fleet is maintained by FAA certificated mechanics at our Honolulu International Airport maintenance facility. Our flagship Blackhawk Caravans are customized in every way for skydiving operations, so this means speed, comfort, and economy savings for our customers.

Skydive Hawaii features both versions (C208 & C208B) of the Cessna Caravan as our flagship aircraft. Both of our Cessna Caravans have been upgraded from the original factory 675shp PT6-114a by Blackhawk Modifications. Blackhawk replaced the PT6-114a and put brand new 850shp PT6-42a engines in its place. This upgrade means that we can get to altitude faster, and because the PT6 is a "free-turbine" turboprop engine, we don't burn as much fuel as a "direct-drive" turboprop engine does at idle; such as while descending after letting out jumpers and/or during passenger boarding for the next flight. For more information about the engine conversion check out Blackhawk's Website Here.

We chose to make the Blackhawk Cessna Caravans as our fleet's backbone because they can each comfortably hold 18 or 14 passengers each respectively. The 18 passenger version is used as our day to day work horse. With it we can fit up to 9 tandems or 6 tandems each with a videographer on every flight. The 14 passenger version is lighter, and is our HALO aircraft platform complete with oxygen systems to get us up above FL200. On busy days we may sometimes operate both aircraft.

The reason our aircraft are the best in the industry comes down to the airframes' safety records, power plant reliability, and economy savings from a combination of both. With our aircraft we can take the most people up to the highest altitudes with the least amount of fuel wasted, all without sacrificing anything for safety. This is why we can offer unbeatable prices to our customers, prices that our competitors struggle with. 


Besides our two Blackhawk Caravans, we do have smaller aircraft that we use for training, skydiving demonstrations, and air shows. We have a Cessna 182, a great aircraft to learn to skydive from. C182s are still used by many drop zones throughout the world, and are probably the most familiar aircraft skydivers have jumped from throughout the years. C182s seat four skydivers + pilot.

We also have a Cessna 206 which is essentially a stretched version of the C182. The C206 holds 5 skydivers + pilot. We use the C206 for the same purposes as our C182. Both of our smaller aircraft are maintained to the same standards as our large turboprop aircraft, and are ready to give skydivers a ride up to altitude when needed.